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JD.com: Where technology is shaping the future of retail – GlobeNewswire


BEIJING, Nov. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jump on JD.com on Nov. 11 for Singles’ Day (or what many now call “eleven eleven”) and you’ll experience a shopping carnival unlike any other.

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JD.com has over 417 million active customers. Consumers get an easy-to-use platform and lightning-fast processing of their orders, making it the trusted choice of consumers and vendors. This state-of-the-art technology is giving JD.com the leading edge. JD.com is currently collaborating with over 2600 global brands valued each at over RMB 100 million yuan as well as hundreds of thousands of third-party merchants.

“With JD being the largest retailer in China, we get a constant stream of up-to-date information that allows us to map the latest consumer spending trends,” says Hui Liu, chief data officer, JD Big Data Research Institute. “Not only can we give clients an accurate picture of the larger market demands, we can also break down the latest buying habits by region, and by different sectors of the market.”

This helps companies make smart decisions on what products to design, what prices to set, what to procure and what’s best to promote.

“For upstream manufacturing companies, this gives them the edge to design and produce the next generation of production with confidence,” says Liu. “It’s a process we call C to M reverse customization; we provide customized information for clients all along the chain — from the consumer to the manufacturer.”

On top of AI, JD.com’s warehouses, especially its 30 Asia No.1 Smart Logistics Parks, are a 21st century marvel.  Ensuring consumers get faster and more exceptional service has been one of JD.com’s core targets to serve its customers. Key to meeting this goal has been investing heavily in technology. Now JD is able to fulfill its deliveries within one day in most parts of China. With the omni channel fulfillment program, often they can do that in a matter of a few hours.

While JD.com has expanded greatly in e-commerce, the platform has also grown to offer clients services in cutting-edge digital tech fields, such as intelligent cities, fintech, AI, and robotics.

And because the role of digital technology is increasingly becoming a regular part of people’s daily lives, JD.com is also stepping into the field of health care to help play a significant part in online medical care, which has fast become a crucial wing of health care in China, especially when considering the epidemic of 2020.

From instantly linking consumers with high-quality brands, to finding AI and tech solutions for clients, JD continues to be an industry leader. JD is not only China’s largest retail platform, but also a supply chain-based technology and services provider.

Media contact: Rachel Liu