Today there are surgical microscopes like the Zeiss microscopes that are used for heart and spinal surgery. It is also used for neurosurgery and reconstructive surgery, rather than the microscopes of the past that sat on a table with interchangeable loupes. This microscope is used during surgeries and has two independent zoom systems and to internal focusing systems. This is all through a single lens that the surgeon can control as needed during the medical procedure.

What this single lens does is to allow the surgeon to see inside of deep incisions and at the same time with a hand or foot switch adjust the microscope. This also allows for a unique way to collaborate with other surgeons or medical assistants in the operating room. One of the other things the Zeiss microscope does is make surgeries safer and have more successful results in many different medical procedures and surgeries.

The Zeiss microscopes can be on a floor stand, on a fixed column or on a ceiling mount, which places it in a location that is out of the way for movement of the surgical team, but yet located where it needs to be for the patient. The surgical microscope is made to have high resolution and bright illumination, which allows the medical procedure more precise. In some cases the surgical microscope has the ability to process images.

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