Third Spaces Urban Village Co-Working Concepts


Third Spaces Sydney based Third Spaces create unique co-working eco-spaces.

The Net Alert team are excited at the work of Third Spaces who create urban villages that are inclusive eco-systems designed with the focus of people’s quality of life to stimulate positive feelings and enable all experiencing it to thrive.

Tony Sambell, Founder of Third Spaces said this when interviewed, “We are proud to be a creator and co-operator of urban villages. Combining forces with well-established industry leaders in health clubs, co-working spaces, childcare centres, healthy eating cafes, and more. We create spaces in a way that inspires people to experience the sense of belonging to live their best life.”

The advent of co-working spaces, also known as serviced office providers or flexible work spaces, has been explosive in their emergence across the globe over recent years. Third Spaces are taking these flexible office concepts to the ‘next level’ with the inclusion of a full service holistic gym and child care facilities, as well as a healthy café and yoga, functional training and mindfulness studios. Something for everyone to compliment and feel inclusive with their work space. Giving people maximum opportunity to choose better for themselves and their lifestyle. People can also enjoy the commuting time savings of these life and work services being co-located and operated together, as one, contributing to an enhanced work-life balance.

“We are delighted with the positive response we have received from building owners and developers alike. They see that there is nothing currently like the quality of provider or array of facilities as we offer. They also like our ability to create a custom offering to meet their locations specific needs” said Tony Sambell.

To learn more about Third Spaces, visit their website here:

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