Using technology to engage customers and build loyalty – Shopping Centre News – Belinda Daly


Technology is rapidly evolving and customer experience has never been more important. How can shopping centres stay ahead of the curve in today’s changing landscape? This article forms part of a special feature, first published in SCN’s Little Guns edition.

In an environment where value is of high importance to customers and retailers are looking for high returns, Norbit can fundamentally eliminate obstacles of artwork, print and distribution and immediately capture customer data securely with no data processing or extra steps required.

Norbit enables you to provide all retailers and businesses in your precinct with the ability to upload promotions and competitions in real-time in a contactless, paperless way. Send push notifications straight to the palms of loyal shoppers and send campaigns live within minutes. No print or campaign collateral is necessary.

As an integrated marketing platform, you can host spend-capture forms, digital scratch cards and spend-to-win at a fraction of the price and in a sustainable way. You can explore endless segmenting capabilities with the customer data captured. Some valuable ways you can target your customers can be based on their purchasing history, campaign involvement, activity or inactivity on the app as well as by postcode. Similarly, you can support centre-wide or individual retailers by targeting quieter days or periods in the centre, incentivising visitation for those days.

The platform rewards and reinforces behaviour at all points, from deciding where to go, deciding what to buy, staying in the store longer and providing feedback about the experience. The data captured allows customers to receive information relevant to their individual behaviour.

Set and forget with Norbit
Schedule rewards, offers, push notifications and competitions in advance and sit back as we categorise your results for you and make campaign reporting a breeze. The data captured allows us to unlock ways to save time and money, improve decision-making, and enable a business to be more agile in an ever-changing market.

As bricks-and-mortar retail recovers from a turbulent year, we encourage businesses to utilise the quick and easy set-up of Norbit, eliminating the need to cater for the usual prep and collateral for a campaign.

A local hotel on a Norbit app offered a ‘2 for 1’ meal deal over a two-month period and drew immediate traction via the platform. People travelled from all over to redeem the offer, with 295 redemptions made within the app. Out of 533 new downloads during the campaign period, 262 were generated from this offer. The business generated from the platform far outweighed the costs and proved to be a great opportunity to upsell customers with drinks and sides. From liaising with the retailer, developing in-app artwork to being live on the platform took less than two hours. There was no additional cost to the retailer. The Division 2 Councillor for the area commented on the integration of the app stating: “It is wonderful to see the app, which is free for businesses to access and enables them total control over their own deals and brings more visitors and customers to the area.”

Take your customers on an adventure and bring your shopping centre to life
With Norbit’s built-in augmented reality (AR) feature, pair your artwork with quick educational facts and clues in the customers’ apps to find the AR characters. Designed to entertain and delight families over the holiday period, from a centre management and retail perspective, the engaging campaign drives foot traffic, directs customers along a chosen path through the centre, increases dwell time and is attached to retail promotions.

To commence the experience, customers must download the individual shopping centre app and sign in or create an account. The campaigns are a great gateway to attract new customers to their app and engage them immediately. Once logged in, customers see the AR experience and are also introduced to the other benefits, including retail deals, prizes and a range of other competitions. All of this information is tracked to add to the extremely detailed behavioural data about their customers. As customers discover each character, they can take photos and share them with their social network. Once all eight AR objects are discovered around the centre, they are awarded a prize, which varies from a bag of treats, a prize to collect from a retailer, or an offer to use within the centre – all designed to attract customers to stay and spend longer, or make a repeat visit. Campaigns can be set up as window or floor decals, standing banners, or to bring hoarding to life.

A recent Halloween campaign was a huge success that saw more than 300 AR completions and, of those, 200 new downloads within a week. The placement of the standing banners and clever clues drove engagement and app interactions. People have become so accustomed to the dopamine hit of refreshing their social feeds, and we’re all looking for recognition for little tasks. Games and experiences are so important, particularly when trying to entertain and amuse the community.

Alleviate high risk, high costs, costly updates and long lead times by implementing the Norbit software at the core of your retail marketing plan. We will maintain, improve and enhance the solution at all times, so you can focus on leveraging the solution to enhance your core role. We know the hurdles, hard work and pain required to do it successfully, and it’s the very reason we’re offering Norbit as a white-labelled retail solution. We know your time is much better spent marketing your brand than managing software.