Side cameras to replace rear view mirrors on trucks – a technology soon to arrive on cars. – 2GB


We’ve all followed trucks and many have issues with visibility and I’m sure you’ve seen the very practical signage  – “If you cant see my mirrors then I cant see you”. And of course the more standard safety signage and symbol to be careful when trucks are turning. It’s a big issue frankly and I quite often witness cars moving  around trucks with iittle or no feel for the ability of the truck driver to see a car below him when he’s attempting to turn.  All is about to improve however with camera’s replacing side mirrors on trucks – Mercedes-Benz latest generation Actros truck the first to offer this $3,000 ‘MirrorCam’ option and its being quickly snapped up – the technology expected to become available on passenger cars in the not too distant future. It also means the truck driver’s forward three-quarter vision is not impeded by large side mirrors. And of course large mirrors create drag so there’s real benefits in fuel saving.

I’m David Berthon

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